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Helping you achieve success in business


If your business is to be a success you have to have trust in your accounting system. Synergy Financials gives you the scope to keep track of what is going on in your business. Synergy Financials is used in a wide array of industries and business segments including retail, automotive, manufacturing, service and forestry.

Synergy is developed in the Windows environment and can be used on multiple workstations across a network and is constructed so it adapts to the different operating systems available now and in the future.

Synergy gives you the tools to help increase turnover, improve profitability, reduce stock holdings and improve customer loyalty.

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  • Complete debtor/accounts receivable functionality for invoicing of clients
  • Provides complete control of your business with an integrated system
  • Allows you to expand as you do so you don’t have to go through the costly exercise of changing accounting systems
  • Can accommodate customisation requests both minor and major
  • Makes extensive use of the latest Microsoft technologies
  • Offers a large range of bolt on modules that plug into your existing systems and offer your organisation even more benefits
  • Exports to Microsoft Excel and PDF formats
  • Allows invoices and quotes to be sent out by e-mail
  • Works with Barcode scanners and handheld stock taking devices
  • Support through dealers or through Synergy directly
  • A full range of reports are available so you can keep track of and analyse how your business is performing

Getting started is easy

You can set up quickly using Synergy Financials either by yourself of with one of Synergy’s dealers or staff. The majority of customers with any accounting knowledge can work through the set up process themselves but we recommend you work with us or a dealer to help set up.

Accounting Standards

All Synergy accounting software is compliant with Accounting Standards in New Zealand and Australia and is fully compliant with accounting rules and practices of both countries.

Synergy Financials testimonials from our users:

“Before purchasing, I reviewed a number of products and chose Synergy because it was easy to use, had all the features I needed, was an integrated package, and was competitively priced."
Judy Mayhew
Bells Gourmet Foods, Christchurch “We looked at 13 different systems. Synergy came out way ahead, especially with all the bolt on modules that are available. We recommend the product and over the years we have enjoyed very good support.”
Lindsay Wills
Jackson and Wills
Communication Systems Provider, Invercargill

“Synergy understands our business and always tries to accommodate any suggestions for change we give them. We are very happy with our system and the high level of support we receive.”
Deborah Coyle
Ngahere Sawmilling,