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The PumpLink solution – secure, streamlined and simple.

Having worked closely with many independent service station owners while developing Synergy PumpLink, we know (as you know) that many spend more time managing and monitoring their business than necessary.

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Make the most of your time with Synergy PumpLink

Synergy PumpLink is like having a manager that never sleeps, who has been specifically trained to look after your business. Synergy products are modular in design, you only buy what you need, when you need it.

Synergy PumpLink: Easy to use

Being a Windows application makes PumpLink easy to learn and use and means it has widespread compatibility.

Synergy PumpLink: Easy to install

Before installation we ascertain what level of functionality your business requires by working with you to understand your business model. The installation is non disruptive and fully supported by our qualified technicians.
It’s apparent that independent service station owners helped us design PumpLink when you look at these features:

  • The pumps are displayed graphically on screen, indicating pump status and value of sales
  • You can bring a fuel delivery into the sale window with one keystroke
  • Tamper-proof! There is no editing of pump sales – they must be processed as they come from the pump
  • Sales can be stacked. The number of allowable stacked sales is configurable
  • Wet stock database history
  • Deliveries can only be cleared from the pump once the sale has been successfully completed, or the sale has been put on hold
  • PumpLink collates a fuel sales summary report at the end of every shift
  • PLUS! Prepaid sales are supported, there is individual authorisation of pumps, audible warnings for pump calling, nozzle lifted, delivery completed and customer pole display

The PumpLink solution – secure, streamlined and so simple

The pumpLink software makes it so simple to get the information from your pumps to your computer.

  • Through the enabler card our PumpLink software provides a real time feed from your pumps to your front counter computer
  • Once the sale is complete at the pumps, it is immediately able to be finalized on your POS computer where the customer pays
  • The sale is then transferred through to the back office software for reporting purposes

PumpLink testomonials from our users:

“We felt like we were important, more than just a customer.”
Chris Thompson
Shell Spring Grove, Nelson

“At the end of the day Synergy is a good balanced system - easy to learn, user friendly and stable.”
Brian Little,
Director Akoroa Auto Centre

“I must commend you on the swiftness and the minimum amount of disruption we received on installation.”
Daphne Chin
Autoshop BP, Petone